Cinnabon cocktails available at Applebee's

Cinnabon® Crème Liqueurs Featured at Applebee’s


Now at participating Applebee’s, you can enjoy a new, decadent treat: Cinnabon® Crème Liqueur cocktails. These delectable drinks are sweet and delicious, made with real cream and cinnamon spices. Indulge and treat yourself to a mix of spices and spirits. Perfect for an after dinner cocktail, or as a tasty way to unwind with velvety smoothness, these adult spins on classic tastes are available now.

Applebee’s offers a variety of choices. You can enjoy the Cinnamon® Crème Coffee, paired with vanilla vodka and fresh brewed coffee; warm up with Cinnamon Spiced Cocoa, an invigorating blend of Cinnabon® Crème and hot cocoa; or toast the night with an Irish Nose Warmer, Cinnabon® Crème expertly blended with Irish whiskey and hot coffee. These new choices are available in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Maine.

Visit our Where To Buy page and ask your neighborhood Applebee’s if they are serving these new cocktails.

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